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The following terms & conditions apply only to your monthly copier service agreement with Marcon Business Systems d.b.a. Don Brown Business Systems. For any questions in regards to subscriber agreement please give us a call at: 956-425-3735

1. SIGN UPYou the customer agree that by signing up to rent your "small" or "large" copier rental instantly agree to our month to month auto pay monthly reoccurring charge to the payment type when placed at order. At the point of sale, you agree to first and last payment for monthly rental for your copier, service, and installation, which will be applied at purchase of monthly subscription. After payment is made you will be contacted at the phone number provided you provided at order to confirm date, time, and physical location for delivery and installation of your "small" or "large" monthly copier rental.

2. DELIVERY & INSTALLATION - The physical location or address you confirm by phone will be where your "small" or "large" monthly copier rental will be delivered and installed. First time delivery to your location, setup, and network installation is FREE. No additional payment will be collected at delivery or installation.

3. SERVICE - Your monthly "small" or "large" copier rental you subscribe to will include FREE service, supplies, and toner with each monthly reoccurring payment. Travel time to your location for your copier to be serviced will be scheduled based on availability and service call time placed. DO NOT self service your copier, toner, or equipment. Any damages to machine by subscriber may incur additional fees separate from monthly subscriber agreement, but are only limited to a max cost of equipment damaged.

4. CANCELLATION - If you choose to cancel your monthly copier rental, a 30 day notice must be provided by the subscriber so appointment can be made to de-install your "small" or "large" copier rental. No additional fees will be charged at de-installation unless equipment is not available for pickup at original physical location provided at subscription order. Cancellation/de-install will automatically occur on subscription cycle if payment is not made within 30 days from last paid bill cycle. Customer can prevent auto cancellation/de-install by contacting our billing department.

5. LEGAL - Finalizing terms and conditions include subscriber waving all any type of legal action or payment reversals while subscribed to copier rental subscription as subscription is provided AS IS.